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But when they’re not, we’re here to determine how much you could save with us. Simply send your recent invoice(s) and we’ll compare the rates for you.

We provide a superior service and satisfaction level across the board.

We understand how important accuracy and overall satisfaction is to you. As a dentist, you rely heavily on your lab. Whether we can save you money or not, we’re proud of the service and satisfaction that we provide to our clients. We pride ourselves on our long-lasting dentist relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. If you need to send a case immediately, you can print your label on our website and send it today.

We typically invoice at the end of the month for all cases delivered that period. Every case is returned with an invoice. Some doctors choose to pay each case individually. Contact us if you need more a different arrangement.

Our shipping labels are prepaid. We include actual shipping costs on each invoice rather than arbitrarily rolling it into the price of the case. This maintains transparency on actual costs and keeps our costs as low as possible.

Cases take 10 days from when the case was received in office (unless more time is needed and that will be communicated with the dentist office)

We can accommodate EMERGENCY RUSH CASES in 3-5 days when given advance notice AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.