About Us

We Bring a Refreshing Simplicity to the Dental Lab Industry

We are proud to be entering our 17th year!

Elite Dental Lab is a dentist owned and family operated full-service dental laboratory. Being dentist-owned, we know what you go through on a day in and day out basis. Over the last 17 years, we have been perfecting the lab and dentist relationship giving you the best quality restorations at a fair price. Whether it be analog or digital, our dental professionals are here to provide your office with everything needed to make your patients happy! We pride ourselves on providing a family atmosphere for all of our clients. So come and join our family and grow your practice with ease with the help of Elite Dental Lab.


Is there a discount for digital cases?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount of cases with digital impressions.

Do you have any rush options?​

We can accommodate EMERGENCY RUSH CASES in 3-5 days when given advance notice AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

How does billing work?​

Every case is returned with an invoice. Some doctors choose to pay each case individually. All invoices are provided at the end of every month for all cases delivered that period. Contact us if you need a different arrangement.

Do I have to open an account with Elite before sending a case?​

No. If you need to send a case immediately, you can Print Your Label and RX Form on our website and send it today.

Is shipping included?

There is a shipping charge for boxes sent with a single case (less than 3 units). Boxes with multiple cases include free shipping.

How long do digital cases take?

Our turnaround time for digital cases is 7 days or less.

How long do traditional cases take?

10 days from when the case was received in office (unless more time is needed and will be communicated with the dentist office).

What if the restoration doesn't fit?

While it is a rare occurrence, If a case needs to be redone we will fix it at no extra charge and no questions asked.

Do you have any new doctor incentives

Yes we do! Please Contact Us to find out our current offer.


Review our fee schedule

Print this out and keep it readily available in your office. This fee schedule is included in the Welcome Kit.

Or call us at 516-344-5374