IPS Empress® Veneer

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IPS Empress® Veneer

The IPS Empress Veneers System, developed by Ivoclar Vivadent for over 16 years and used globally in clinical settings worldwide to produce natural-looking results with high quality standards.

The IPS Empress system provides natural looking teeth commonly used in cosmetic dentistry. With its layering techniques, the veneers provide transparency and translucency to create that pleasing beautiful smile. Specifications of color shades or shape may be done with porcelain ones for giving your patient an exquisite smile!


  • IPS Empress veneers provides excellent natural looking aesthetics and translucency
  • IPS Empress veneers are difficult to stain and durable
  • IPS Empress veneers enable correction of misalignment, closes gap, re-shapes teeth, repairs chips and mishap teeth
  • Covers tetracycline stains and other discolorations such as fluorosis
  • Gum tissue tolerates porcelain well

ADA Codes

IPS Empress®

  • D2962 labial veneer

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